Strategy consulting

NormannPartners is an international consulting firm that focuses on innovation, strategy and scenarios. We are regularly sought by organisations that operate in turbulent business environments.

Our skill is in illuminating complex issues, to create innovations that translate into top-line growth. Our close relationship with the University of Oxford keeps us at the forefront of thinking.

Our competences cover scenario planning, strategy, war gaming, business design and innovation, value creating systems, service and solution design, and market research.

We are world-class in the practice of scenarios and the art of co-producing strategy in the service economy and the industrial sector. NormannPartners is the ‘home’ of value creating systems thinking.

Helping our clients create value

We help our clients with strategic issues:

  • identifying new ways to grow
  • enhancing long-term strategic thinking
  • improving strategic dialogues with clients and other stakeholders
  • creating new business models and services, and testing them for strategic robustness
  • making R&D and innovation truly creative – and more effective

NormannPartners has offices in Stockholm and in London.


Special Recent Posts

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Jürgen Hedrich joins NormannPartners

December 18th, 2014

Jürgen's strength is bringing ideas from concept to prototype to industrialisation and pioneering new ways of cooperation and "duplicate free" operations. He has a PhD from the Technical University of Munich.

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Rafael Ramírez at the IMF Board

November 11th, 2014

Our colleague Rafael Ramírez discussed scenario-thinking at an informal gathering of the IMF Board in September 2014.

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Fredrik Lavén on Strategic Business Renewal

October 20th, 2014

Our colleague Fredrik Lavén held a workshop for 40 managers on Strategic Business Renewal at the West Sweden Chamber of Commerce on Friday October 24. The workshop theme focused on strategic change and the opportunities that can arise from organising value creating systems, as well as on the need for balancing both growth and renewal processes in organisations. More information about the event can be found here.

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