NormannPartners are pioneering strategy advisors working with companies and organisations to understand and gain advantage in their networked world of business. We believe in combining practical action with conceptual analysis and we nurture strong relationships with leading universities such as Oxford, London Business School and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Our professionals

International expert on strategic foresight, strategy and innovation. Specific field of expertise in creative processes. Associate Fellow at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

Ulf Mannervik

Founding Partner, Stockholm

Founding partner of NormannPartners and Professor of Practice at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford where he directs the Oxford Scenarios Programme.

Rafael Ramírez

Founding Partner, Oxford

Strategy expert with more than 25 years of global experience across major industries. General Manager and Managing Partner background from IBM and PwCC.

Per Schiemann Larsson

Managing Partner, Stockholm/Zürich

Has extensive experience in scenario planning, strategy and change processes in a multinational setting. Associate Fellow at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

Gerard Drenth

Partner, London

Extensive experience of developing winning strategies across major industries to achieve sustainable, profitable growth. Partner background from IBM and PwC.

Peter Pohl

Partner, Stockholm

His expertise is innovation in organizations and systems with particular focus on how the payment system is changing in relation to new technologies, institutional change and new entrants.

Niklas Arvidsson

Associate, Stockholm

Has extensive experience of technical, operational & strategic leadership in both large multinational and high technology start-up settings.

Steve Churchhouse

Senior Associate, London

Has a strong commercial background in Data Technology, Supply Chain and Strategic Foresight, with 20 years executive experience in a global media and entertainment business.

John Clift

Associate, London

Paul Domjan

International expert on strategy, innovation, digital and subscription business models. Extensive experience of scenario development. Former CEO of several research businesses. Has advised the UK government, UK parliament and NATO.

Paul Domjan

Senior Associate, London

Started her professional career as an architect and now applies that practical understanding of the creative process to build scenarios for the future as a tool for strategic change.

Shirin Elahi

Senior Associate, London

Manages client interactions on formal issues and enabling administrative coordination within and between projects.

Christina Fredrikson

Administrative Manager, Stockholm

Expert in innovation and strategy, who consults and gives executive training in Europe, the US, China and Brazil.

Jonas Hoffmann

Senior Associate, Sophia-Antipolis

Her expertise is in using design approaches to achieve organizational goals. Has particular experience of working with entrepreneurial teams designing innovative services that co-create value.

Lucy Kimbell

Associate, London

Has experience in strategy, scenarios, organization, innovation and policy development. Focuses on scenarios, strategic renewal and business innovation.

Fredrik Lavén

Associate, Gothenburg

A strategy practitioner with more than 15 years’ experience in strategy and intelligence.

Riku Österman

Associate, Helsinki

Internationally recognised expert in strategic innovation and linking short term innovation to long-term scenarios.

Leo Roodhart

Senior Associate, Amsterdam

Expert in scenarios and strategy with experience in large companies, labs, cities, museums, non-profits and multi-stakeholder groups.

Cynthia Selin

Associate, Portland

A young professional who holds a B.Sc in Business and Economics and a M.Sc in Strategic Management. David is passionate about co-creating value and will use his strategic foresight to create leverage in turbulent, uncertain, novel and ambiguous environments.

David Tingåker

Consultant, Stockholm

Expert in global transformation of industry practices, leveraging digitalization and cross industry collaboration. Long executive experience in the areas of Technology, Supply Chain and Supplier Management. From strategy development to execution. From suppliers to consumers.

Lars Wennberg

Senior Associate, Zürich

Work with us

If you want to challenge your expertise and use your abilities to create value for our clients, please send us an email or give us a call. We’re always looking for interesting people to join our international team of consultants.

NormannPartners is both intellectually stimulating and challenging; you co-create value and solutions together with your clients in a way you’re normally not used to do as a consultant.


Johan Jyllnor

Our story

NormannPartners’ approach to strategy builds on and extends the pioneering work and insights that the late international strategy thinker Richard Normann developed with Rafael Ramírez, Ulf Mannervik and other colleagues. From the 1980s to the 2000s, Normann and his colleagues developed an original approach to strategy based on seeing value as inherently co-produced in systems. Their ‘Value Creating Systems’ approach was a strong contrast to the idea of ‘competitive advantage’ that defined strategy at the time.

The approach focuses on the design of ‘offerings’ that define interactions among co-producers, and which connect actors in fields that transcend traditional industry borders. The main unit of analysis is not the firm, nor the position (in a ‘chain’ or ‘industry’), but the interactions.

In the networked world of today characterized by turbulence, unpredictability and ambiguity, where consumers and other stakeholders become co-producers, these ideas are uniquely effective in explaining and guiding strategy to create distinct value.

NormannPartners continues to develop the Value Creating Systems approach to strategy. It is also pushing this approach forward together with clients that are transforming their fields, as well as scholars who are reflecting on and deepening insights from strategy practice. The approach is the basis for the Oxford Networked Strategy Lab, in which teams from leading global organisations use systems and design thinking to redefine fields in complex business environments. The Richard Normann Lecture is also part of forwarding the pioneering approach. It is held yearly at Green Templeton College, University of Oxford, and arranged together with NormannPartners.