Author: NormannPartners

Podcast – Scenario Planning to Drive Innovation

Emmanuel Lagarrigue, Chief Innovation Officer at Schneider Electric, in conversation with Professor Rafael Ramírez about Scenario Planning, Innovation and Climate Change. See the podcast “Scenario Planning to Drive Innovation” here.

ATI Scenarios – Airspace 2050

Much has been written in recent months about the impact of the coronavirus on air travel. But as the UK Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) scenario set developed with the support of NormannPartners in 2019 shows, the pandemic seems to have accelerated an already...

Did your base case already prove wrong?

What can we learn from the first two quarters with Covid-19? What are the right questions to ask? Are they even possible to answer on a global scale? Read our white paper (here) to learn what leaders should do.

Preparing your business for climate-related risk

Find out how NormannPartners used scenario planning to conduct a case-study with Rolls-Royce to give them a better position to respond to investor disclosure requests, to help shape external policy, and to strengthen their strategy.

Whitepaper on Post Covid-19 Strategy design

In a world that has become increasingly networked and complex, society and business are all of a sudden faced with a pandemic that puts enormous pressure on existing models and activities. With the vulnerabilities that have surfaced it also seems unlikely that we will...