Our consulting offerings combine academic rigor in cutting-edge thinking with extensive practical experience in business. Our professionals are at the forefront of systems thinking in business strategy.


What are the key trends and uncertainties likely to impact my business? And what insights can I gain to align my strategies to meet emerging challenges or capture emerging opportunities? How can I use scenario planning to improve the quality of my organisation’s thinking about the future – its ‘strategic conversation’?


How can I lead change in transforming my world of business? What should be my long-term strategic intent when current industry definitions become less relevant and new business fields emerge with new opportunities to create value, but also new threats? And what strategy will help me achieve my intent?


How can I innovate my business and stay ahead? What offerings, competences and technologies do I need to generate the next stage of growth? What kind of transformation do I need to meet customer needs? And how do I balance the resources needed for future growth with the needs of today?


How can we create a culture of continuous monitoring and sense-making of our changing context? How do we develop a robust and sustainable innovation system? How do we successfully realize a redesigned strategy in our organisation? And how do we turn our roadmaps into living processes that can be monitored and acted upon, steering investments, competence and business development?


We have different engagement types in all our offering areas; from introduction and away-days, assessment and 2nd opinion, pilots and pre-studies, to full development processes and capability retainers. These engagement types reflect a modular way of providing effective support to you; staged and step-by-step process for developing capabilities and executing to achieve change.