How can I innovate my business and stay ahead? What offerings, competences and technologies do I need to generate the next stage of growth? What kind of transformation do I need to meet customer needs? And how do I balance the resources needed for future growth with the needs of today?

Your business may face these and similar challenges as you seek to balance the needs of today’s business and technology ideas with those required for the next stages of growth. If so, our innovation consulting, based on extensive research on how large firms or regions drive innovation – or fail to do so – and our experience working with leading innovators, can help you in developing your innovation roadmap.

We believe innovation benefits from systems thinking, co-creating value with stakeholders and focusing on collaboration as much as on competition. Our innovation work is often scenarios-based to help understand which innovations or technologies are robust enough for different conditions, and what contingencies can be effective in some but not all such conditions.

Our support includes developing innovative strategies, structuring business, innovation and technology portfolios, as well as developing roadmaps for their realization. These may include defining how to transform to seize new opportunities in parallel to catering to your existing business. We also offer bespoke business innovation initiatives, develop new value creating systems and new user offerings, with step-by- step approaches for how to reach these.

Whether it is only a one-off business innovation pilot to explore new market creation or an extensive technology roadmap initiative, you will benefit from our world-class processes and insights.


Introduction to innovation

How do you balance growth and renewal, and drive effective innovation for the next stages of growth? ½ to 1 day based on extensive experience and research on how large firms drive innovation.


Stay ahead in changing markets by designing new offerings with supporting capabilities and other elements, enabling you and stakeholders to co-create value.


Scenario-based target portfolio, with technology and capability roadmap, progress review, pacing actions and priorities.


Define next stages of successful business models with required capabilities for delivery, and a roadmap of business-led strategic initiatives to seize new positions.

Driving Innovation – Cases


Case: Technology roadmap

A global manufacturer wanted to secure access to R&D competencies required for its mid-to long-term development. Working closely with NormannPartners, the manufacturer involved all R&D departments and other relevant units across the group in scenarios-based strategy testing and the development of a technology map, with scenario-robust parts and contingency parts needed for specific scenarios. The roadmap was implemented as a process in the organisation. This enabled the manufacturer to make more informed decisions about R&D projects and balancing the competence and technology needs for today’s and tomorrow’s business.

Case: Business innovation

A fast-moving consumer goods and personal care company was looking for new growth opportunities in a new, rapidly growing market. NormannPartners organized pan-European innovation initiatives for new top-line opportunities. This enabled the company to understand the business potential, identify under-attended areas, design new offerings and develop go-to- market approaches for moving in a new strategic direction.

Case: Business roadmap

A leading global transport company was facing potential disruption in its traditional service business, driven by digitalization and automation. NormannPartners supported them by creating a roadmap for different service business models and the capabilities required for development and delivery of the services. It also included development projects and their stages to implementation defined for different business areas, from today to 15 years ahead. The roadmap enabled strategic overview and revealed areas for synergies, which supported prioritization to keep their competitive advantage.