How can we create a culture of continuous monitoring and sense-making of our changing context? How do we develop a robust and sustainable innovation system? How do we successfully realize a redesigned strategy in our organisation? And how do we turn our roadmaps into living processes that can be monitored and acted upon, steering investments, competence and business development?

A successful transformation that embraces your insights and strategies while setting you on the path to growth isn’t always easy to achieve. Working closely with you, we design and support processes for transformation that address your key transformation challenges. In doing so, we are careful not to lose sight of your distinct strengths, of who you are and how you and your stakeholders create value today.

Executing change may include setting up operating systems to support the current and next business models, improving the effectiveness of your innovation system to allow both incremental and radical change and transforming business or technology roadmaps into living processes.

It may also include establishing scenario tracking systems and strategy networks, using our web based tool NP futurestracker, to detect and act on early signs of market or macro change. Or setting up a roadmap management system, anchored throughout relevant parts of the organisation.

We don’t believe in ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions where consultants impose a methodology on the organisation that has been effective elsewhere. We think sustainable advantage is enabled by transformations that are tailored to your situation. These are informed not only by forward-looking with fresh perspectives, but also by paying genuine attention to your historic strengths and who you are today.



Set up your innovation processes to both support the existing business and at the same time enable transformation for next business models.


Review innovation funnel and practice, and improve innovation output through focus, structure, processes and management.

Roadmap progress & realisation

Implement process and tool for monitoring roadmap progress, identifying deviations, cause analysis and actions.

Scenario tracking using NP futurestracker

Web based, or manual,  process and tool for monitoring and acting on early indicators of market or macro change.

Executing Change – Cases


Case: Innovation management

A large petro-chemicals group wanted to improve the output of its innovation funnel. In addition to a review of a set of large innovation initiatives, and drawing learnings for how to improve innovation effectiveness, NormannPartners also supported them by establishing a research domains framework. This allowed them to kill ill-fitting ideas faster and increase the overall output of successful and profitable innovation.

Case: Scenario tracking & strategy network

A large national oil company with a global portfolio wanted to enhance its strategic agility and flexibility with more widely shared forward looking capability across business units. Together with their corporate strategy unit, NormannPartners developed a global scenarios tracking and early warning system, and built a cross-group strategy network for monitoring and drawing implications for the business. This enabled the oil company to make an early move into a considerable mid-term opportunity, as well as a timely entry into a renewable energy field that later grew rapidly.