Our colleagues Rafael Ramirez and Ulf Mannervik, Directors of the Oxford Networked Strategy Lab, will be in Stockholm to meet invitees who are interested in discussing networked strategy.

Ever thought about what could happen if you did something differently…if you developed your strategy in a networked way instead of a traditional model?

This September Saïd Business School in collaboration with NormannPartners provide the opportunity to meet the team behind the transformational, confidential Oxford Networked Strategy Lab.

Over drinks and dinner, discussion about how to successfully deal with partnering strategies and new system creation will be guided by leading strategy and scenario planning experts Rafael Ramirez and Ulf Mannervik.

An invite only event, this is the time to begin to question and better understand why or if you would change your approach to strategy development, what your approach may be if you did, if it’s worth it, and ultimately if you are ready to engage in strategic dialogue with the Lab.

For information about the Oxford Networked Strategy Lab and to be included on our quest list, please contact Zindzi Cresswell at zindzi.cresswell@sbs.ox.uk