The first Oxford Networked Strategy Lab runs on February 12-16.

Lab Director Ulf Mannervik “We are excited to welcome a full lab, which offers systems and design thinking for high level teams working on confidential live cases.”

The Oxford Networked Strategy Lab is designed as a blended learning workshop, for teams of five, from non-competing companies, to use design thinking and methodology to explore how to do networked strategy. They will use systems thinking, collaborative strategy, and will be reframing the values which can be co-created – to better understand and meet opportunities and threats in the new networked world. Participants will work in company teams to develop and share thinking on their own business transformation initiative.

The programme is built on the book ‘Strategy for a Networked World’ co-authored by Rafael Ramírez and Ulf Mannervik.

Rafael Ramírez is Academic Leader for the lab, and Professor of Practice, at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. He is also co-founder of NormannPartners.