Today, much of the advanced knowledge within strategy and management is accumulated through interaction between large, cutting-edge companies and thought leaders in management consulting and academia. Our professionals are involved in executive education at a number of world-class institutions where some of us also serve as faculty. At NormannPartners we have a passion and a long tradition of staying at the forefront of thinking and writing about it.


Writing about our thinking and research encourage us to develop more relevant strategies for our clients. Using this thinking – and developing it further – in executive education at world-class institutions, helps us stay at the forefront in our field. This is where you can find publications that have been authored by NormannPartners professionals.


We author and co-author articles within our field of expertise. We have summarized some of them here. Some can be downloaded as pdf’s, others you need to purchase thru the link available in connection to the article. If you would like to discuss any article, do call or send us an email.

White papers

We believe in sharing our thoughts and experiences from the practice of scenario-based strategy and innovation work with large international organisations. Sharing white papers is a way of inviting reflections and encouraging further development of what we do.