Strategy for a Networked World

During the 1980s and 1990s, Richard Normann and his colleagues developed an original approach to strategy, based on seeing value as inherently co-produced in systems. Their ‘Value Creating Systems’ approach was a strong contrast to the idea of ‘competitive advantage’ that defined strategy at the time. The approach focuses on the design of the ‘offerings’ that define relationships among co-producers, and which connect actors in fields which transcend traditional industry borders. In the contemporary networked world, where consumers become co-producers, the ideas Normann and his colleagues developed towards strategy are uniquely effective in explaining and guiding practice.

Strategy for a Networked World revisits and further develops these ideas. It is co-authored by two long-standing colleagues of Normann, Rafael Ramírez and Ulf Mannervik, who have successfully applied these ideas to their own consultancy practice. This book provides the theoretical basis for strategies of value co-creation, an accessible methodology and practical guidance, case studies of Facebook and The World Economic Forum, and examples of successful collaborations with organisations such as EDF, Scania, SCA and Shell.

Designed to advise strategists and business developers working in uncertain, complex and turbulent contexts, it is suitable both for practitioners and for academics, combining theory and the means to turn it into practice. It will also serve as a valuable contribution to MBA classes and towards the development of more effective business strategies.


NormannPartners - Strategic Reframing

Strategic Reframing

This book is a guide on how to do scenario planning to support strategy and public policy. Co-authored by Rafael Ramírez and Angela Wilkinson.


NormannPartners - Business planning for turbulent times

Business Planning for Turbulent Times

A book co-edited by Rafael Ramirez on how best to deal with increasing turbulence, and with the complexity and uncertainty that come with it. With preface by Vince Cable, Business Secretary in the UK Cabinet.
NormannPartners - Scenarios for success

Scenarios for success

Bill Sharpe (with Kees van der Heijden) brings together leading thinkers from the Oxford Futures Forum, on the successful use of scenarios today. Includes chapters by Rafael Ramirez.


NormannPartners - Involving costumers in new service development

Customer co-innovation

Ulf Mannervik and Rafael Ramirez contribute a chapter on different approaches to customers co-innovation, in a book on new service development.


NormannPartners - People As Care Catalysts

People as care catalysts

Richard Normann and Niklas Arvidsson (et al.) set out a new agenda for how health care needs to change, to become more customer or patient centric.


NormannPartners - Reframing Business

Reframing business

Recognised by his peers as one of the leading management thinkers of his time, Richard Normann takes a new approach to strategy.


NormannPartners - The innovation platform

The Innovation Platform

A book by Niklas Arvidsson and Ulf Mannervik on innovation policies for balancing growth and renewal, and the fostering of new business and technology ideas.


Värdeskapande innovationsmiljöer

Ulf Mannervik and Niklas Arvidsson define the dynamics behind successful exploration and exploitation in business innovation systems. In Swedish.


NormannPartners - Organizing Innovation

Organizing Innovation

Fredrik Lavén explores how policies are translated into practice and how this may restrict or enable the organizing of innovation work.


NormannPartners - Prime Movers

Prime Movers

Rafael Ramirez and Johan Wallin discuss how companies can define a business strategy that puts them at the top of their industry – and redefine this industry.


NormannPartners - Designing interactive strategy

Designing interactive strategies

Rafael Ramirez and Richard Normann illustrate new ways of creating value – based on co-production in value creating systems.


NormannPartners - Service management

Service Management

Richard Normann evokes an alternative perspective on services, refocusing attention from the product to the value creation process of customers.


NormannPartners - Agents of Change

Agents of change

Ramirez, Tixier, Maccoby and Heckscher look at large European and US companies’ change from monopoly status to open market competition.
NormannPartners - La Metamorphose Des Geants

La métamorphose des géants

Rafael Ramirez, Tixier, Maccoby and Heckscher look at large European and US companies’ change from monopoly status to open market competition. French edition.


NormannPartners - Les Meilleures pratiques Des Multinationales

Les meilleures pratiques des multinationales

Rafael Ramirez and Guillaume Franck on globalization of national companies. Guidance on organisation, control, management and culture. In French.
NormannPartners - Den Socialt Formgivna Produkten

The socially designed product

Ulf Mannervik on integration of diverse competences in product development, based on a network approach to design and innovation. In Swedish.