Engaging with Uncertain Futures

How SWFs Engage with Uncertainty” is a summary of the findings captured in the work NormannPartners performed for the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds (IFSWF), when designing and running an interactive scenario seminar at the annual meeting of the IFSWF in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Scenario Based Wargaming

NormannPartners offers a next generation of gaming, suited for contexts in which the ground moves – and where collaborative as well as competitive strategy may be essential to consider.

Intellectual Property Rights

Innovation is increasingly in the merging of different technologies, the creation of novel value constellations and in the establishment of new relationships within a given eco-system. What emerges, is a veritable mosaic of IPR and digital rights.

Internet of Things

As the digitisation trend sweeps through the realms of manufacturing and infrastructure, it raises fundamental questions for companies in these sectors regarding the very notion of value and how it is created.