Dr. Gareth MorganThis year’s lecture “Simplifying the Complex: Focussing attention and strategic decision-making on what really counts” will be presented by Dr. Gareth Morgan, Associate Fellow, Said Business School, and author of Images of Organization, Imaginization, Riding the Waves of Change, Sociological Paradigms and Organizational Analysis, and Beyond Method.

Climate change. Inequality. Genetic Engineering. Cryptocurrency. Internet and social media impacts. Robo-services. Political Discourse. Systemic Risk.  … They’re all issues where debate and policy action often gets buried in diversionary detail.
Is there a way of getting beneath the surface and reshaping the logics of change underpinning these and many other global, environmental, economic and social problems?
Insights from complexity science, field theory and critical realism offer promising ideas and methods here.

The lecture will be held on 22 November at 6 p.m. at the Green Templeton College in Oxford. For booking, send an email to: events@gtc.ox.ac.uk or phone: +44 1865 284550. Or register at the GTC website.

The annual Richard Normann Lectures are a collaboration between Green Templeton College and NormannPartners which aims at honoring and extending the work of Richard Normann; furthering insights in strategy, business innovation, value co-production and the service economy.