On 19th October, NormannPartners Senior Associate, Ciarán McGinley gave a workshop and keynote speech on the theme “Using Scenarios to innovate around Climate Change” to the Kiemt Trust at the newly opened Musis Theatre in Arnhem. The Kiemt Trust focuses on energy innovation and the energy transition for the Dutch Province of Gelderland.

Evidence of Climate Change appears almost every day in the media and on our weather screens. But what are the uncertainties that will have the greatest impact on the future of energy? The level of global warming? The impact on human necessities such as shelter, food and water? Man-kind’s reaction?

Ciarán with flipchartUsing Scenario thinking, Ciarán invited participants to explore plausible Scenarios for the Future, in the context of Climate Change, for the Energy Sector and for the Province of Gelderland itself. Participants were thereby able to make more sense of a turbulent, uncertain world through the lens of key contextual drivers that might most influence innovation in this area. The positive message is that by better understanding these drivers and challenging our individual assumptions about the future, we are collectively more able to explore the opportunities that climate change presents and thereby make a positive transformative difference.